Sweet & Sara Marshmallows

I am a vegetarian. I still consume eggs and dairy, but do not eat animal flesh (please note I do not care in the slightest what other people eat. I choose to be a vegetarian, some people choose to be vegan, and others choose to eat meat - it's none of my business what you do!). I didn't know what gelatine actually was until I became a vegetarian. It's basically made from all of the left over animal parts that's boiled down into goo and used for all sorts of things, including jelly, lollies, yogurt, ice creams, and a million other things. Since it's made from dead animals, I choose not to eat it (though I know vegetarians that do). I love marshmallows...but they contain gelatine, so I was excited when I found Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows available in Australia. I've been eating them for a while and place an order every now and then. I received some this week and wanted to share my thoughts! 
I ordered 3 different flavours from Uproar, as they are the cheapest I have found. You can get them from other places too, so just have a look around! 
I ordered the vanilla marshmallows...
and my favourite, toasted coconut...mmm
These marshmallows are fantastic. Sweet, soft and chewy. You keep them in the fridge and get them to room temperature when you want to eat some (haha, yeah right...waiting til they get to room temperature). There's another brand of vegan marshmallows called Dandies, and they are quite good, but I personally prefer Sweet & Sara as I love the texture and the different flavours. They even have smores marshmallows! If you avoid gelatine, if you are vegan, or if you're allergic to eggs or dairy, I highly recommend Sweet & Sara marshmallows. I'm going to go and eat them all now.
Have a good one!
Megan xo


  1. HOLY MOLY! These sound amazing. I haven't eaten a Marshmallow in over 2 years. I'm off to place an order.

    1. Apologising in advance for starting your new marshmallow addiction!! They are so tasty, and the strawberry ones are actually made with real strawberries *drools*