Friday Fancies

We've had a stressful week here! Noah is sick and now has antibiotics, painkillers, and special cream that we have to give him/slather on him twice a day - he's not happy. And then yesterday Peach (a cat who has never been outside) escaped out of a window! Another cat was outside and she ripped the flyscreen and started fighting the other cat! I had to chase her. Luckily I caught her. Phew. On top of that poor Nathan is sick and I think I have now caught whatever he has, so we both want this week to be over with! Thankfully, pretty things cheer me up...
sweetandlovely on etsy
Currently obsessed with cardigan clips! These are so pretty
DapperandSwag on etsy
So cool! 
Super awesome greenhouse from Ikea 
Sian Keegan on Sociey6
In love with this cacti tote bag 
ThoraFord on etsy
A totally rad banner pin
thebusylittleb on etsy
These faux leather monogrammed clutches make me want to start being a person 
who can fit everything they need into a tiny bag!
shebandit on redbubble
Feminism + Animal Crossing are two of my favourite things! 

That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo

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