Instagram Recap February 2014

I cannot stop laughing at Noah's face (h+ Violet in what she assumed was her new bed <3
I left some shopping bags out and came home and they were all over the house and we couldn't find one of them (we later found it under our bed?) + my first photo of Amos  
DYING because of both of these photos - what a goof
Possibly the most terrifying photo of Noah ever, it was the first time he saw Amos through our window + snoozy boy
Violet got scared when Noah ran at her + the best moustache ever!
Playing with Violet + me when I was maybe 11 with our dog Bella in my old dolls bed - she was a good dog
My Mum when she was younger with one of her many cats + soft fluffy little legs
February was pretty good, but I am so excited that Summer is nearly finished. It's cooled down a lot but I think we might have a few more warm days before the amazing Autumn weather kicks in. 

Have a wonderful day!
Megan xo 

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