Daily Instax March 12-25

It's time again for my recent daily instax photos, there are a few more of cats this time!

Peach loaf + jelly beans
Being watched by a cat (that you can't see) + recent PEZ purchases
Here's a close up of my neighbours cat - this is the one that lured Peach outside. She's 11 and super cute
Forcing Nathan (and his white legs) to clean his office + sleepy kitty
Watering plants with my (grown ups) elephant shaped watering can + a reflection taken in bed
Poor cone head Noah + trying to take a photo with said cone head
A beautiful sunny day with coney + rereading Harry Potter (this is my copy from when I was 12, it's falling apart!)
A contrast to the sunny day on the 22nd (taken around the same time of day!) + Noah figured out how to remove the cone!
So there you have it! More than half of these are cat photos, but who's gonna complain about that?
Have a good one
Megan xo

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