Four Goals for March

I cannot believe that it's March. I do this every year, I think because February is so short I feel like we missed a part of it! At the beginning of February I did a Four Goals post, and I ended up nearly doing everything I wanted to do. I organised part of my office, started training Amos, read one of the books I wanted (better than none) and we hung our giant wedding canvas up!

I love it so much!

Now for my March goals 

1. Work on this blog and start making it more personal.
I bought the template for this blog on etsy. I love the colour scheme, however I want to change my profile picture and make it bigger, I want a better About Me section and I want to add a part on the side for my latest instagram photos. I am not very good at working all of these things out, I already followed a guide to add the instagram photos and it didn't work! I also want to add links to my favourite bloggers and I am also thinking about sponsoring a blog or two. It's not that I want a million people reading this, but a couple more people commenting would be awesome - I would love to make more friends :-)

2. Spend a day in Katoomba 
I love Katoomba, and it's only 40 minutes drive from where I live. There are awesome vintage stores there, and some great op-shops, so I need to spend a day by myself  to take my time rummaging. Plus, I can stop at Leura on the way home and buy some vegan cupcakes from Rubyfruit!
My photo of the Three Sisters I took a few years ago in Katoomba
3. Start making photo albums
I placed a huge Snapfish order recently (their prints are so cheap!) of around 5 million wedding photos (plus a hilarious gift for my Mum who kept making fun of the posed photos my photographer took - I got the photo she laughed at most printed on a mug for her! Haha). We got a lovely album from my old colleagues as a wedding gift, so I will have to make the hard decision of which photos are worthy of it and start sticking them in. I also bought an album for my instagram photos I got printed which I still haven't started!

 4. Start introducing Amos to the cats a bit more
This is really important. I want Amos to be able to potter around the house with me and snooze on the couch with us in the evening, however at the moment when I bring him inside he has a big crate that he lays down in so that the cats can see him and he can see them but he can't get to them. He's very excitable and he really just wants to play with them. He sticks his butt up in the air and wiggles it around but the cats just hiss and run away! I hope they get used to each other.

So those are my goals, hopefully I can achieve them all. Do you have any goals for March?
Megan xo


  1. Fantastic goals. I can't wait to read your about me section.

  2. I really love your blog! I'm commenting on this post, because I'm heading to Katoomba in July and I'm super excited (even if I'm only there for a day)! I'm on the west coast, so it's a little more than 40 minutes... try 5 hours on a plan, then 2 hours on a train! But I will get there, and it's going to be the middle of winter so it will most likely be cold :D Can't wait to read more of your blog :D

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I love your blog too! Oh awesome, Katoomba is so lovely. Some good places to eat and cool vintage stores. Just so you know, I went there in Winter last year too and it was FREEZING. I wore a dress, stockings and a cardigan - big mistake. I highly suggest wearing or taking warm clothes with you! And the train up the mountain is so nice. :-)