Dreaming of Redecorating

I would really like to update the furniture in my office. My desk is too small, my storage is from the Reject Shop and is starting to fall apart, and I am just not happy with how everything is at the moment, so I have been dreaming of the day when I have a bit of extra money so I can update everything. Here are a few of the things I've been looking at...


I love this trestle desk from Ikea - it's bigger than my current desk and a lot nicer!
I would also really like nicer storage, although this is quite pricey
Checks and Spots
Oh how I wish this chair was still available at Freedom Furniture - it is so beautiful!! 
BlushBazaar on etsy
This garland is super pretty and would look nice on my wall
I really like Ikea, OK?! 
Howards Storage World
 I would like a couple of these to place under my desk for extra storage
 A nice and simple lamp that would look a lot nicer than my current green one
Urban Outfitters
I think this rug would really tie the room together

So these are the things that I dream of putting into my office, and one day when I win the lotto I will buy them all! 
Have a great day
Megan xo 

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