Our Wedding Day

I thought it was about time I share some of our wedding photos here and a bit more about Nathan and myself! 

We met in 2009 on a dating website! We corresponded through emails for a bit and then eventually we decided to meet. On July 31st 2009 we met at a cafe in Parramatta and we got on so well that we we started dating two days afterwards and we've been together ever since. We both hate the same things, we make each other laugh, we are both massive nerds, and everyone tells us that we were just meant to be together, and I have to agree. I never thought I would find someone who is just so amazing, kind and generous, so when Nathan asked me to marry him I of course said yes!

We got married on July 21st 2012 at Belgenny Farm in Camden, it was freezing cold but we had the best day ever! I will only be sharing photos of Nathan and I, and my parents, as I am not sure my friends and family would like having their photos on a blog they don't know exists! My bridesmaid was my best friend Louise, we've been friends for 14 years! And Nathan's bestman was his friend Andrew - they were excellent choices as they were both so funny and relaxed! My flowergirl was Nathan's niece (and now my niece!) Isabelle and his nephew James - they're twins and I wish I could share pictures as they were SO CUTE, but I am not comfortable sharing photos of children on here. OK I will stop typing now haha

The posed photos are so awkward haha
I wanted a tea length vintage style dress, and it was impossible to find one in my size so I had it made by a dressmaker! I think it was the complete opposite of what all the bridal magazines said is the "right dress for my body type" but to be honest I don't give a crap about all that. I wanted to wear a dress that made me feel amazing, and I did! I was so amazed by how well the dress turned out, it was perfect. And my hairpiece was worn by my Grandmother on her wedding day, and the horse shoe on my bouquet was hers too - she gave them to my Mum when I was born. They are very special to me, and even though she is no longer with us I know she would have been so happy to see me use them!
My Dad and I - I love this photo
Mum and I :-)

Dad walking me down the aisle

Our first kiss as husband and wife :-x
One of my favourite photos
My bridesmaid and my friend Quincy helped me paint all of these letters - we had lovey dovey words such as 'kiss' and 'love', but we also had some more personal such as 'shiny', which was a nod to one of our favourite TV shows Firefly (I even quoted Serenity in my vows! Neeeeeeeeerd!)
Our cake was lavender and honey flavoured and I just had to have PEZ as the toppers!
Our bonbonniere was PEZ! And I handmade all of them - we did as much DIY as we could
Nathan calls this the "excited Megan face" and apparently I do it a lot
Our first dance was to Cheap Trick's 'If You Want My Love'
It was the most perfect day ever! We didn't have any insanely stressful moments which was really good! We only invited our friends, immediate family, and aunties and uncles as we didn't want a big wedding - we only had around 70 guests. Big weddings are great, but I couldn't imagine having a wedding with 300 people! My favourite photos are the ones of my friends and family dancing, or people laughing or meeting each other for the first time, and having a small wedding made it more intimate.

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon which was the most relaxing thing ever, we lounged around, drank cocktails, and played bingo for 12 days - heaven!

I hope you like the photos, sorry if there are a lot but just be thankful I didn't share all of them haha!
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo


  1. First off you look like a princess. I can really see the love between you and your man. I love all the decorations and the pez cake toppers. Such a lovely wedding. :)

  2. The dress is gorgeous and right up my alley! You look beautiful and your wedding day seems so special!