My Favouirte Magazines

Today I thought I would share my favourite magazines. Most of these I subscribe to so I never miss an issue. I really like magazines, they are great for inspiration for my blog, house and life, and they are also great for photographs to use in my art journals!
First up is Real Living which is an awesome monthly home decor magazine.
Inside are lots of articles, but my favourites part is looking at pretty furniture that I can't afford!
Next up is Green Lifestyle, which is a bi-monthly magazine and as it says on the cover it is a magazine about simple sustainable living. It's really awesome for recipes, environmentally friendly home tips and goods. I really love it.
Awesome recipes! And I love the photography.
As I said in a previous post, I am obsessed with everything about dogs at the moment and I found a subscription to Dogs Life for only $30 and I couldn't say no! It's got some interesting articles but more importantly it is full of photos of cute dogs.
Second to last is Peppermint, which is also an eco-friendly magazine full of home decor, fashion, beauty and lovely articles. I look forward to receiving my new issue every two months!
I adore the photography in this magazine, and the paper it's printed on it so nice to flick through.
Finally is Frankie, my absolute favourite magazine. It is a bi-monthly magazine stuffed full of fashion, articles, drawings, cute things, design, craft and a million other things. I love everything about Frankie!
I especially love the calendar you get in each issue which also has something lovely on the back. I think this snoozy peach fits in nicely with my blog!

What are your favourite magazines?
Megan xo

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