Daily Instax February 26 - March 11

Time again for my daily Instax photos - I actually took a couple in places that aren't my house - what's going on?!

A well balanced lunch includes a cupcake + watching Game of Thrones on a rainy day (started from season 1 again!)
Way too excited about our new fridge + cat socks 
I won this from a skill tester! + a croissant that tasted better than the photo would have you believe
Took this very beautiful photo of myself *Fergies glamorous plays* + crafting with red stars
Once again my husband is an excellent cook +  the best juice EVER
I went out for lunch with my Mum and she insisted that she hold up her salad for my photo - she's adorable + 16 pies and 8 sausage rolls (a place half an hour from us makes the best vegetarian pies so we stock up and freeze them for lazy nights)
Peach lounging, I like that her white feet stand out in this photo + Amos chewing in the yard
I am really proud of myself, only one photo of a cat and one of Amos! The last two weeks were pretty good and I am so glad it's stopped raining and I can sometimes feel an Autumn-ish breeze!
Have a good one
Megan xo

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