My Inspiration Board

I have a big cork board above my desk where I stick photos or stuff that inspires me. I decided to share some pics of it!
Here's everything on my wall. As you can see I love putting stuff on it! My whole office makes me smile, I've surrounded myself in things that I love so the whole room makes me happy!
A close up. I have one of my Dads old police patches that I kept from when he retired. And a bunch of little bits and pieces.
A photo set of Nathan and I, the drawing Lucy Knisley drew for me, and things from pen pals.
Photos of friends and I, patches, more things from pen pals! 
OK I could have taken a better photo that included that whole drawing by oldfamiliarway! Here I have my friend Nicole, my Grandma, Mum, and my Dad years and years ago with our old cat Joe. <3
The photo of my Grandma is my favourite of anyone ever, so I may do a blog post just about her and share a better photo of it. She was a crazy cat lady!

Do you have an inspiration board? What kind of things do you stick to it?
Megan xo


  1. I love this! Especially the 'fat vegetarian' badge. So badass. I don't have an inspiration board but I think I need to make one to stick all my postcards and bits and pieces and patches I'll never wear.

    1. Thank you!! You definitely need one, they're really great and it's nice to look at

  2. Absolutely love it! I've always loved the idea of a physical inspiration board, but have never done one up. I tend to be more in tune with posters and figures, though, so those are spread about the desk and walls!

    1. Thank you! And posters and figurines are pretty good inspiration too :-)