Friday Fancies

What a week! We found out poor little Noah has some kidney problems, plus I am getting sick, so I want this week to be over! Thankfully I found some cool things online to distract me...
Check out this snazzy watch! 
A Girl's Guide to Life
Excellent free printable! Totally need to print some 
Cats and snail mail - 2 of my favourite things 
Kate Spade via The Dainty Squid
Beautiful necklace! Kate Spade is out of my price range though!
So cute! I love the pink and black together 
Awwww I love this shirt 
I don't think this is practical, but I still want one!!
Take care
Megan xo


  1. Aw, I love that watch! I'm kind of inter solar-system jewelry right now. I found a beautiful necklace at Uncommon Goods that I can't stop looking at.

    I think that shirt would be an adorable little-kid shirt and I would love to buy it for my kiddo. Although I kind of want it for me, too. Mommy-Daughter matching is normal and not weird, right?

    1. I am really into solar system stuff right now! And I think you definitely need to match clothes with your daughter, that would be so cute!

  2. Kate Spade stuff is adorable, but so ridiculously over-priced. People are buying it, though, so they can do such crazy things with their prices, but it's insane how much they want for paperclips even!
    The whale bag is adorable. Impractical, but adorable!

    1. Once I found Kate Spade earrings on a sales website for $30 and they were worth triple that, that was a very good day! And I love her office accessories but they are so expensive, you're right though - people pay it!