365 Crafting Time 156 - 169

Two more weeks crafting every day!! My new obsession is paint by numbers. My brother in law gave me one for my birthday last year and I finally started it last week. I like painting before bed, filling in each colour is really really relaxing, and I had so much fun doing it I bought 4 more online!
Early stages - of course it was a cat!
Progress + I needed a new pencil cup so I painted this $2 from The Reject Shop
Weekly pages + yet more progress!
Birthday card envelope for someone + it looked creepy with white eyes!
Finished! How great does it look! Definitely harder than ones when I was a kid! + I ruined 3 blocks of chocolate and finally got it to melt to make this dessert so it was my craft of the day - I was so frustrated haha
I painted Rincewinds Wizzard Hat as I was thinking about Terry Pratchett a lot + this weeks pages
My new paint by number that I worked on over the weekend (I paint most days but don't make it my crafty thing every day!) + a birthday package to send to a friend of mine - I love decorating them and my post office always comments on them haha
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Take care!
Megan xo