February Goal Recap

  1. sleep better - Definitely better on this. I had one night of insomnia but the rest were pretty good
  2. eat better and cook more - Also did a lot better with this this month! And now I've lost around 8kgs!
  3. focus on my blog - Hmm, a bit unfocused right now, but I still posted my regular content
  4. Start exercising more -Yes! Small steps which is better than none
  5. finish my course -I started back this month and I'm still enjoying it. I've also already started my assignments - shocking!
  6. find volunteer work at a vet clinic and get into my vet nurse course - this cannot be even thought about until I finish my current course
  7. go on regular coffee dates with myself - I didn't even go on one :-(
  8. be more organised -Success! This is probably been my biggest success so far. The house has been so clean because I've been sticking to my housework schedule. My assignments are getting started. I've been writing lists and using my planner to keep track of what I need to do and what is coming up. Being organised is so amazing and it's making me happier
  9. goodreads challenge - 24 books - I am in such a reading slump! I finished Yes Please FINALLY, but I am 2 books behind schedule!
  10.  Daily instax again! - still going well!
All in all, I didn't do too badly but things could have been better!
How are you going with your 2015 goals?
Megan xo 

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