Instagram Recap February 2015

As you are about to see,Violet is ridiculously photogenic!
My boys being weirdos + crazy face
A comfy spot to rest + guinea pigs at my TAFE <3
Kittens from my work placement + vicious little Peach
Look at her, she has the best face! + my crazy boy helping me pull out weeds that sprung up overnight
My friends gorgeous girl Isadore + walking with Amos - we got him to jump over small horse jumps and he loved it
She is gorgeous + my friends think she looks like Violet is knitting in this photo and I agree haha
Treating myself with one of my cakes and tea + cuddle time - he refused to drop his ball
See, the best face + bowling with Nathan - I got 3 strikes in a row! Apparently that's called a turkey
Take care
Megan xo
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  1. Your kitties have such personality, I love it xD Especially the picture of Violet "sitting" on the couch...though it almost looks like she's holding on for dear life (her face doesn't fit that, but her position does!).

    1. She always sits like that, it cracks me up so much!!!