February 2015 Favourites

February was a great month (mostly), and I had a few new obsessions!
Phase 10! I first played the card game a few years ago with my friend Quincy, and lately I've been obsessed with playing it on my phone or my iPad. It's so much fun and I hate phase 7 - 2 sets of 4! I always have the most trouble with that one! 
Jane the Virgin - ahhh I am so in love with this show! It's so funny and sweet, it makes me laugh consistently and Rogelio is by far my favourite character. The diversity of the cast is one of the best out there I think! Also, how freaking gorgeous is Gina Rodriguez?!
source - I took this photo in 2009
of Montreal  - they've been my favourite band for nearly 10 years (!!) and I've been listening to them non-stop recently. It's funny how I can go from their early stuff, which is mostly cute and twee, to their most recent work which sounds like a completely different band. I love them consistently.
My final favourite is also my least favourite thing this month. Parks and Recreation finished and I am so so sad, but it ended so perfectly that I am satisfied! I will miss it, it was the best show on TV! :'(

Other favourites
food: honey tiny teddies, cupcakes, Schweppes brown creaming soda 
other TV: The 100, True Blood (nearly finished it!)
music: Lana Del Rey

Take care
Megan xo

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