Daily Instax March 12 - 25

Ahh, the last 2 weeks were really good! I finished my assignments and hung out with friends a few times so I am feelin' good. 
I am an amazing cat photographer + dedicated my instax photo to Terry Pratchett when I found out he passed away
Heaven is a place on earth with ice coffee + air hockey and bowling with this nerd
Hippo cat + me and Hutch (seriously, I am so in love with her!)
"Feed me, I'm starving to death!" + my friend Victoria visited and Violet fell in love with her
Gotta have a photo of Princess Peach! + Phase 10 with Nathan and his sister (I totally won!)
Nathan made hot cross buns and a hippo tried to steal mine + a dog park with my friends and their dogs after TAFE on Monday - it was pretty much the best afternoon ever! Dogs are hilarious.
Playing with Amos before it started raining + the garden centre in Springwood is so nice
Take care!
Megan xo


  1. The first picture is beyond perfect - cats, in one go xD And the photo of Amos on the 24th is so cute as well! :D

    1. Pretty lucky Noah yawned - it turned out so good! And that photo of Amos was him waiting for me to kick his ball. He's like "stop taking a photo and kick the ball woman!!!' Haha