Cat Update

I think it's been a while since I made a post just about the cats, so here are some favourite photos from lately!
Somebody was a grumbly bum at the vet!!
He's always a grumbly bum. He's lucky he's cute!

Peach always looked surprised haha. How cute is she!!
The sweetest paws and the prettiest colour
Little funny face Violet
She's quite small (and fat) but she has really long whiskers! And her eyes are amazing!!
And these two staring at poor Violet
People always tell me I take great photos of my cats, and to be honest I agree! I think most of my photos turn out really well, considering I take them with my iPhone! Go me!
Take care
Megan xo 


  1. They are indeed great photos! And I adore Violet's colouring - but they all have such bright eyes!! That's the one thing I miss, having dogs, their eyes are never quite as bright as kitty eyes!

    1. Thank you! And she does have the best colouring, it's so perfect! It's a shame she's such a mean cow haha. And you're right, cats eyes are brighter but puppy eyes are sadder and harder to resist!