Four Goals for February

A Beautiful Mess (one of my favourite blogs!) recently made a post about productivity where they mentioned that telling people your goals may help you to achieve them, as they then become your "accountability partner" ha ha - I thought this was great idea and decided to share my February goals

1. Start training Amos
Amos hasn't had any proper training, his carer tried her best and did a good job, however she is more of a cat person (she has 13!) so I don't think she was too fussed with training him, plus he's only young and very excitable. I want to be able to walk him properly and I would like him to know basic commands so he listens to me!

2.  Organise my office 
Something I really want to do is organise the whole house so that I can find things more easily, and that way the house is easier to keep clean too! I plan to start with my office cupboard which looks like this, plus four draws under all this that are stuffed full of random things that need a home!
3. Read these 3 books 

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is Neil Gaiman's latest book (released in June last year) and I've been wanting to read it since it was released! Piercing I have had for years and I think it's time to read it. As for Vagina, it just sounds like a fascinating biography and I am interested in reading about a part of the body that more than half of the worlds population has, is responsible for bringing life into this world and yet is also a taboo subject that you can't even name on television and if you say it in certain situations you will be silenced

4. Hang our wedding canvas and the canvas I got stretched.
Pretty easy thing, but I know people who get these things printed and take forever to actually hang them!

All in all, I think these are 4 very achievable goals. February should be a great month, we are picking up our new baby on Friday! I cannot wait to hang out with Amos and introduce him to everyone. It's also the last month of summer, which means Autumn (my favourite season!) is getting closer.

Have a great day

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