Friday Fancies

Hello! Here are my fancies for this week!
MissPoppyDesign on etsy
I love this gold foil map 
MyZoetrope on etsy
Cute sleepy kitty family 
GTRichardson on Society6
Love love love this Hermione silhouette
One Creative Mommy

I saw Frozen the other day and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! This Valentines idea is so cute
A Beautiful Mess
Mmmm homemade falafel 
ToodlesNoodles on etsy
Cool tote and good advice 
RexLambo on Society6
Haha perfect for your Valentine
Have an amazing weekend, I know I will - we are picking up our dog today! 
Megan xo


  1. That Olaf candy kit is so clever.

    1. I know right. I thought of you when I saw it. I am currently trying to find Frozen dolls and am having no luck, I refuse to pay double on eBay!