Daily Instax January 29 - February 11

It's time for another batch of my daily Instax photos!
On January 29 I got everything ready to make a carrot cake and I broke a bunch of eggs and didn't have any left! Luckily I managed to finish it off the next day and it was pretty damn good.
You can't see it to well, but on the left is a blue tongue lizard! And on the right is a wonderful book I read
One of my best friends left earlier this month to live in Japan for 6 months! We saw Frozen and ate Lord of the Fries together as a farewell. On the left Violet decided that the dogs bed is actually hers. 
I bought some new succulents, and on the right I have no idea why I chose to take a photo of this but it was the only chance I had to take a photo on our way home from Camden!
Little fluffy belly on the left and our new canvas of one of my favourite wedding photos (will share some soon)
Our new baby Amos being a sook and Violet sleeping beside his bed...why didn't she sleep on it? 
Yeah OK lots of photos of Amos. He had a dewclaw removed before we got him and he kept chewing on it, it got infected and the vet is making him wear the cone of shame until it heals properly. Just like when we got Violet. He looks so sad and cute </3 
OK! So that's all for today. I hope you have a good one.
Megan xo


  1. I love that Violet has stolen the dogs bed. Hehehe

    1. He had his revenge, he stole one of Noah's toys...Noah was not impressed!