Introducing Amos

When I was a kid we had a German Shepherd (crossed with who knows what!) called Cookie, we had her for a few years before Bella the mixed breed "followed" my brother Paul home from school one day. My Grandma (who lived next door) had a dog called Topsy, and we always had a least one cat and so did my grandma - my point is, I grew up with lots of pets! Cookie passed away in 1998, and Bella lasted until 2010, and this is the longest in my life I have gone without a dog. We were waiting til we got married, then we were waiting til we moved, and then our fence needed to be replaced - but now the stars aligned and we found Amos...
This is the photo of him that I first saw on the Pet Rescue website...and I was in love. His eyes, his ears and that happy grin, I knew he was the dog for us.  The only problem was is the dog rescue that had him was located in Griffith, NSW - which is 6 hours away! I spoke to his carer on the phone for a while and asked a million questions about him. He lived with her and her family, and their 13 cats! So I knew he was good with cats and kids. We decided to take him on a one week trial, but we both know there is no way in hell we could give him up. He is a big goofball 
This kills me - he was rolling around after our walk 
Dying from laughter at this photo 
This was our first photo together. I sat in the back seat with him on our way home and he rested his head on my lap <3 
My sister in law described him as "all legs and face" - which is pretty spot on! 
Are you kidding me with this face? 
So we've only had him since Friday, and we are hoping things go well - he seems to be settling in. I tried to introduce him to the cats however they were a bit scared. He just wanted to play with them, he's around 8months old so he is still a pup! I will keep you updated and I think I will do a post about why I choose to adopt pets too!
Megan xo


  1. Amos is adorable. I can't wait to hear all about his shinanigans.

    1. He's very cheeky and naughty - I will have an update soon hopefully :-)