Friday Fancies

Good morning. Fridays seem to be popping up very quickly lately! I have quite a few fancies this week (and I had to leave a few out because there were too many!).
Wildwood Chronicles Shop
The first two Wildwood books were amazing (and I am reading the third now!). This is a print 
of some of the artwork Carson Ellis did for the book. I love this smug looking pipe smoking wolf!
Um...I need these 
How Sweet Eats  
I love me some roasted chickpeas
Cascade Nails
These nail stickers are so pretty, and only $2.80 for 100! 

Helen Musselwhite
Sadly this etsy shop is closed right now, but I hope that when she returns 
this paper cutout is in the shop because it is gorgeous! 

Down That Little Lane
I love succulents and cacti, and this little crocheted cactus is perfect
A Beautiful Mess
This DIY kitty spoon rest is really sweet
Finally, this cruelty free lucky rabbits foot is really cute 
(as is everything in this etsy store!) 

So that's everything for this week. Have a fantastic weekend
Megan xo

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