Daily Instax February 12-25

Hello! Here are my daily instax photos from the last two weeks:

Homemade banana cake + recent book purchases 
Carrot cake cupcakes for Valentines Day + Amos and his cone getting comfy 
Violet waits for Noah to eat and then eats from his bowl, which makes more sense to a cat than eating from another bowl? + burning a candle which makes the whole house smell amazing
Nathan made amazing corn quesadillas + Amos cone free!
Fluffy Peach sleeping + my Mum visited so I made the spare bed - I love fresh sheets
My stalker + vegie chilli (my husband is the best cook and we love Mexican food)
Peach waiting for me + finally going through all of our wedding photos
That's all of them - a few more food photos than usual, and the same amount of pet photos - haha oops! Have a great day
Megan xo

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