Violet Update

Our little baby Violet is slowly getting used to living with us. She's still a little butthead that scratches us if she's in a mood, but she also cuddles under the sheets with us sometimes too. 
She is so naughty! You cannot make anything in the kitchen without her turning up. Most of the time she jumps up onto the counter and tries to eat whatever you're chopping. It's annoying, but she is so cute that we forgive her. 
She is obsessed with running water. She drinks from the tap and when one of us is in the shower she sits right outside the door, waiting for us to open it so she can lick the water up.
Here she is with Noah, which is about as close as they get to each other. Noah normally hisses and runs away. If Peach sees her, she goes into hunting mode - her ears go flat and she stalks her. Poor Violet.
This final photo is from my instagram...oh my goodness. Her eyes are beautiful, and I love the little splash of white under her eye. She gets away with everything, our little Violent Violet. 

Have a good day
Megan xo


  1. There is nothing better than 2 cats falling in love. SO cute.

    1. Noah and Violet are currently sitting together watching a lizard. Too freakin cute!