Instagram Recap October 13 is it November already? Here are my favourite instagram photos from October -
The pillow landed on him somehow and he stayed asleep?? Cats...
Peach has the cutest belly 
Ok not a favourite, but this is from Thursday the 17th when I evacuated to Winmalee shops. Eep!
When we stayed with Nathans family we played Settlers of Catan...
And I WON! Here's me rubbing it in 
We had the cats in a boarding place for 6 days. I hated it, and judging by the way Noah wouldn't leave my side for days makes me think they hated it too. I missed them so much 
I worked on Nathans families farm last weekend and I met this dog! 
His name is Luke  <3 
Violet was watching The Walking Dead with me...awww
And finally, this is from Halloween. We had a few kids Trick or Treating, 
so I drew some whiskers and a nose on!

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Have a great day
Megan xo

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