Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you have had an amazing week, here are my fancies for this week.
passivejuicehotel on etsy $23AUD 
An awesome Neutral Milk Hotel song on a t-shirt $29USD
Such a sweet Home Alone doormat
 Tarazz $37AUD
I was so excited to find an Australian website selling Sephora brands. I've wanted to try Tarte for a while, they are cruelty free and look awesome - but the postage cost is...scary! 
Avocado is one of my favourite foods, there is no limit to how much I can eat!
These socks are amazing! 
Popcultcha $40AUD
This cookie jar is totally awesome, and it looks like it would fit a LOT of cookies! 
thecarboncrusader on etsy $4.30AUD
Pushing Daisies pencils!!! 
britishindie on etsy $26AUD
And finally, a Pushing Daisies tote bag. Pushing Daisies is one of my favourite TV shows (cancelled, of course). It's just so strange, sweet and funny. I love it.

That's all for this week, have a great weekend! 
Megan xo