My Current Morning Ritual

Since I have finished Uni for the year now, I have a sort of morning ritual that I have been pretty much sticking to everyday.
Now that it's getting warmer my favourite breakfast is a quarter of a rockmelon with yogurt. It's so delicious! Part of my ritual is lifting Violet up ten times and dropping her onto the floor because she keeps jumping onto the counter...I have a cat that likes to eat rockmelon...
I then like to sit at my desk and catch up on my youtube subscriptions whilst I eat my delicious rockmelon! 
I also play Animal Crossing New Leaf when watching youtube videos (multi-tasking woo). Watering all my flowers takes a lot of time, gosh! (Please note I do not normally eat breakfast at 11:42am, but I was sick when I took these so I slept in really late which made me feel nearly normal! And yes I took these pictures over a week ago haha). Check out my house, my brother helped me collect all of the sweets stuff so it looks like a gingerbread house. My character is also wearing a hat that looks like a banana split...I really love Animal Crossing. 

It's a pretty simple morning ritual, but I really enjoy it. Do you have any rituals?
Megan xo

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