Bracelets and Bookmarks

I bought a few cute things online lately and decided to share them
I got these three from the Etsy store called TallRabbit who is from Perth in Western Australia. They were only $3.50 for all three! 
The kitty one is my favourite - they are so cute
I also bought these bookmarks on Etsy from bethydesign and they were a bit more expensive because they shipped from the UK.
How freaking cute is that?!
Finally is this super cool bracelet set from Nerdburgerjewellery on etsy. Not only is this bracelet awesome, the packaging it arrived in was so cool - I love it when people take extra care in their packaging.
The bracelet somehow managed to end up on my little alpacas head and it made me laugh so I had to include it haha.

I love getting mail and I love it even more when I get packages of cute things!
Megan xo


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you liked it. Your Alpaca needs to share your bracelets with you. Hahaha

    1. I love them but the alpaca has claimed them!