Birthday Mail!

My birthday is on Thursday and one of my brothers and his fiancée (who live a couple of hours away) sent me my present and told me that it was OK to open it early, because if the roles were reversed they would open it right away haha.
First up were these two Pop! Funko figurines to go with my collection! Glenn is one of my favourite Walking Dead characters and I am happy to have a zombie with my other Walking Dead figurines :-D
And they also got me this Lumpy Space Princess mug and Finn keyring! I love them!!! They totally spoiled me :-D
Here are all of my Walking Dead figurines together :-)  (oops there's a bad word on one of those books..)

It was such a lovely present! 
Have an awesome day
Megan xo


  1. Oh my GLOB! Awesome presents. Love the mug and your walking dead pops are so rad.

  2. Oh my god I've been looking everywhere for this mug! You wouldn't happen to know where they got it would you?

    1. Hey! They got it from EB Games in Australia, but they are sold out. If you google "lsp barrel mug" you might be able to find one somewhere! Good luck