You've Got Mail #25

So much mail this week!!
Incoming from Lisa in France
Laura from Victoria
And from Cazz in Victoria
Outgoing to Laura in Wagga Wagga
Susan in the UK

Melissa in New Jersey
My beautiful friend Annie in Tamworth

Debbie in the UK
And Erin in Canada!
Have a great day!
Megan xo 


  1. If this is too personal, I entirely understand - but I've always wondered what people write about to each other being penpals these days. With the popularity of social media and things, it's so easy to keep track of so many people and what they are doing is a quick Instagram or Twitter message away, what all does one include in a letter? I've always imagined it to be like having a secret best friend who knows all your crazy stories and you don't have to worry because they live half a world away, but is that how it actually works out or is it more formal than that? Just wondering, of course xD

    1. We talk about everything! Some people just random stuff that's been happening, other people we go into more personal details about mental health or if they're having a tough time. I have one pen pal and we can write to each other about anything! I class some of my pen pals as my good friends!