Daily Instax November 18 - December 1

The last 2 weeks have been really amazing. I finished up TAFE for the year, I turned 28 and saw Taylor Swift, and I got to decorate for Christmas which is my favourite thing to do
My beautiful shiny boy + my snowy boy
Violet being Violet + Mum visited and of course Violet ignores me then
See, she loves my Mum + Mum brought me Quality Streets <3
My TAFE friends and I went bowling + my usual "I got my hair done" photo
My baby + Nathan organised a surprise birthday dinner for me!! Amazing <3 <3 <3

Taylor Swift was AMAZING + another birthday lunch (apparently I own several striped shirts)
All of my Christmas boxes and Noah + I set up the tree which I love but it's so hard to get perfect!
Have you decorated yet for Christmas or other holidays?!
Megan xo 

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