Recent Stationery

What's on your Christmas list this year? I would honestly be happy with just getting stationery from Santa! Until then I have to get my own, so here is what I've purchased recently (spoiler it's all stickers) 
The Sticker Alley on etsy
 I bought these cute little books to use in my planner next year to make studying funner
Lily Pink Prints on etsy
 Adorable paw prints
Lily Pink Prints on etsy
 Um, how perfect are these stickers!!!! I love them
 I also received a free little sample sheet - I love the bunny

These last 4 sheets are all from The Reject Shop - I love them so much and am using them to make my own Christmas cards. I especially love the 3D presents and went to buy more but they were all gone :'''-( 
Have a great day!

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