The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014

My eldest brother and I went to the Royal Easter Show last week. I've been a couple of times, but it's always different. We went because we wanted to see the dogs on show and the farm animals. I took a few photos on my phone, so there aren't many and they aren't the best quality, but I still wanted to share :-)
The farmyard area was our favourite part as you could pat a million goats and sheep and also buy cups of food to feed them. It was so nice seeing all of the kids excited about animals. These sheep were standing on the gate and it made me laugh! 
Little baby goats were my favourite! Look at his little hooves. Glenn and I kept trying to find animals that didn't already have 5 kids trying to feed them, it was difficult but we managed! So cute! 
Glenn feeding a sheep - I think this one was the jerk who kept kicking smaller animals out of its way so it could get to the food haha
I love cows. They have the sweetest faces and seem so gentle. This one was big, but I think one of them was pregnant and holy crap she was GIGANTIC. I was surrounded by kids and didn't want to hog the area too long so I didn't get a chance to get a photo of her.
Check out this little guy!!! His little legs were so cute.
Our second favourite place was the dog area. There were HEAPS of dogs but the St Bernard's were my favourites. Look how cute this little guy is. He's only a puppy and pretty much bigger than Amos! 
And then there was this one too! Look at how big his paws are! I just wanna smooch that face and let him slobber all over me. I love slobbery dogs (I love all dogs). 
Glenn pretty much forced me to try cheese on a stick. It was disgusting, but in a delicious way? 
And of course I got show bags! This one has six inside of it, so it was pretty good value. I also had to buy my niece and nephews bags and lugging them home on the train wasn't fun, but seeing their faces when they go through them will make it worth it! 

Have a good day!
Megan xo

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