Daily Instax April 9 - 22

Let's see how many photos there are of pets this week...
Vegie hot dog + Noah isolated so he can eat his special food from the vet
A care package for the pets from my brothers fiancee + Noah happy and coneless <3 
Easter decor + a gift from my sister in-law for babysitting her kids - it spins! 
Trying (failing) to get a urine sample from Noah (litter tray filled with straws) + Violet loves to sit like this 
The ferris wheel at the Easter Show + an apple pie for dessert :-)
Nathan gave me my Easter present early (I've been asking for a Whitman's Sampler forever haha)
+ Easter lunch with my Mum - I ate so much pasta
My husband is an egg farmer, and we had to label all of these cartons! + Peach high on nip on the giant cat tower
The last two weeks have been really nice. It was nice to have my husband home a bit more over the Easter long weekend, and he gets a half day on Friday and Sunday off!
Have a great week
Megan xo

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