Instagram Recap March 2014

Another month has passed us by and I took a lot of photos of cats, as per usual!
Violet's little multi-coloured jellybeans + my future sister in law made this for me haha <3 
A comfy way to sleep? + Amos trying to look sad so I give him a treat (it works)
Peach and her fangs + my 13 year old copy of Harry Potter
Cuddling Violet against her will + I didn't feel well so I had a nap and this is what I woke up too <3
Noah is SO CRANKY because of the cone + Violet looking angelic 
My new sunglasses case + a shadow gives away why Violet looks so startled
Noah still has his cone on, and will for a little while until his legs are better. He's nearly finished with antibiotics, and seems a bit better which is really good!! 

How was your month?
Megan xo 

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