Daily Instax March 26 - April 8

It's that time again!
Violet playing + books I borrowed from the library
Amos and his digging + cupcakes I made in horrible light
I went to a high tea and my friend made cheesecake + nachos and The Walking Dead
Amos again (he's so cute) + where I stick my instax photos - they look great!
I made coconut balls (a recipe my Mum taught me that her Mum taught her!) + Noah still wearing his cone :'-(
This didn't turn out, but it was a photo of where Peach sliced my hand open! + Nathan insisted my photo be of his half shaven face? haha <3
Awesome mail, Frankie Mag and vinyl + Noah sleeping so I couldn't make the bed (he's so white he can't be seen in the daylight and the flash!)
Noah is much better, we went to the vet today and his urine is free of blood, yay! He still has to wear his cone and have a special diet but he's getting there. My poor little baby boy.

Have a wonderful day!
Megan xo

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