2015 Recap + 2016 Goals

2015 Goal Recap 

  1. Sleep better  I didn’t do too well with this goal, I think it’s something I need to work on more
  2. Eat better and cook more – I think I did cook more but the eating better thing didn’t happen unfortunately!
  3. Focus on my blog – I think I did well with this! I was posting consistently so I am happy
  4. Start exercising more – haha nope
  5. Finish my course – not only did I do this but I finished another course and a bridging course! Hells yeah!
  6. Find volunteer work at a vet clinic and get into my vet nurse course – done and done! This is the thing that has made me most proud of myself this year!
  7. Go on regular coffee dates with myself – I did this at the beginning of the year but the last time I did it was probably in March so that’s a fail
  8. Be more organised – done! I was definitely organised this year!
  9. Goodreads challenge - 24 books – Fail. I wasn’t feeling it this year!
  10. Daily instax again – done! YAY! 
Overall, I didn't do too badly but there is definite room for improvement! My 2016 goals are pretty similar...   

 2016 Goals
  1.  Work hard at TAFE – I really want to do well in my vet nursing course but I have a real problem starting assignments and studying, and this course sounds very difficult and time consuming, so this year I really want to focus on my studies!
  2. Be healthier – this is an all-rounder including sorting out a sleep schedule, exercising more frequently, and improving my diet 
  3. Continue being organised – I did well with this in 2015 and I want to improve even more!
  4. Be tidier – I am the worst at keeping our home clean and tidy, and an untidy home really stresses me out so keeping it tidier is going to help me in every part of my life! 
  5. Improve our home – this isn’t about keeping it clean, it’s about doing things that need to be done, such as gardening and painting things or fixing things!
  6. Daily instax – for the third year in a row! I love doing this 
  7. Goodreads – since I failed so hard last year, I’ve set myself a smaller goal of 12 books 
I decided to make less goals than I did last year to make it easier on myself. I also have blog goals and I've chosen a word to guide my 2016 so I will be posting about those soon. Do you have any goals for this year? 
Megan xo 


  1. I am very untidy as well! And, also, being untidy stresses me out. But then thinking about all the tidy-ing that needs to be done...that streses me out even more. It's not a good cycle, ha!
    Best of luck and energy for your goals for 2016! :D