'Hello 2016' Blank Goods Box

This goodie box is amazing! Every little thing that I opened inside made me very happy!
Lots of bits and pieces to make your very own bunting!
Tape, tags, and clouds
More bunting supplies! Ice creams and donuts! And look at that little sprinkle bag!!
A buttload of paper  bags - I think I need to start using these for snail mail and craft
The best part. I literally gasped when I saw these. I love all of the pastel ones the most
I am so impressed with this months box. I've been really slack and haven't made anything from these boxes yet, but I plan to change that starting this week!! Check out Blank Goods here! Have a great day.
Megan xo 


  1. Bunting is one of those things I always wish I had...and then always immediately after wishing, move on to wishing that I had, you know, somewhere worth putting bunting, ha! xD I think it's time to finally get to making some! :D

    1. haha I know what you mean! I'm thinking we may need some positivity themed bunting somewhere in the house!