Blog + Creative Goals 2016

I have so many things that I want to do this year! I am really excited for all of the possibilities! Here are some of my ideas

 Blog Goals
  1. Comment on more blogs - I want to be more active in the blogging community and I'd love more blogger friends! 
  2. Refresh my blog - I am thinking of changing the name of this blog to be more in line with what I want to focus on and I'd love to refresh the look of it 
  3. Blog more about my day to day life 
  4. Monthly photo an hour posts (I love these!)
  5. Monthly recap/favourites (I failed at this in 2015!)  

Creative Goals
  1. Create everyday - simple, I want to paint, craft, bake, sew, etc every single day this year (and share here of course) 
  2. Try new things - I want to try out more paper crafts, embroidery, needle felting, and anything I can think of!
  3. Step up my snail mail - I want to make more of my own stationery and make my letters look better 
  4. Potentially start a YouTube channel - this I am unsure and nervous about doing it, so I may need to work up to it!
Do you have any similar goals?! I'd love to hear them :-)

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