Photo An Hour - May 2015

I haven't done one of these for myself since 2013! I want to start doing them monthly! I was at home all day because a roofer was supposed to come to fix our roof and he didn't even show up or call. So annoying. 
 9am - starting my day with tea and toast with honey, my go to breakfast lately 
10am - Animal Crossing: New Leaf  - I play every day, it relaxes me and I honestly think it helps my anxiety!
11am - I went out to do buy some groceries and treated myself to a proper coffee and donuts
12pm - writing an intro letter to a potential new pen pal and gazing at the lovely flowers Nathan gave me
1pm - eating lunch and watching The X-Files (obsessed right now)
2pm - this boy is the biggest sook ever. He sits on me and drools like this - cute but gross!
3pm - playing with this giant goober. He's in love with that orange toy, we can't get it away from him! 
4pm - crafting time - I finished this that day - I should have taken my photo of it finished!
5pm - making a blog post
6pm - making a pizza for dinner! 

All in all a good day, still annoyed that guy didn't call or turn up! Oh well
Take care,
Megan xo

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