Daily Instax May 7 - 20

So glad this fortnight is over! We had our floors replaced so the cats had to be boarded for 4 nights, I missed them like crazy! So the last few pics are all of cats because I had to meet my quota haha
Obsessed with donuts and coffee + the floorboards were delivered and Amos posed with them??
Hanging out with my friend and her dogs + Nathan got my Mum a massive box of chocolates for Mother's Day!

Our lounge room the night before the floor guys arrived + the night after they started! It looks so good
I had to set up in the lounge room to stay out of their way + my new office floor!!
Finally picked my babies up!! I missed them so much!!

Nathan's birthday! + even Violet missed me, she was being nice to me
He won't stop following me, I feel so bad that I sent him away + I even have to put his bed on my desk when I sit here
Take care
Megan xo 

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