April Insta Recap

April was a great month! I got my hair dyed and I love it, I started back at TAFE and I haven't killed any of the new students so I'm doing well, and I took a bunch of cat photos!
;) + his bed "exploded"! Haha
She just magically appeared when I ate my dinner + nighttime cuddles
Noah looking angelic + the cats love their new blankets

She has the best face + Peach always looks shocked
My new hair! + Amos has a new toy that he LOVES
Someone was being naughty and jumped in my car! + my new favourite photo of myself, how cute is Violet
They were both on my lap?! + Amos "hiding" behind a tree whilst stalking a ball
A day in Sydney + an awesome card from a friend :-)
All 3 cats are in this photo!!! + I won this toy and it's resemblance to Violet is still amusing me
Have a good one! Follow me on instagram here :-)
Megan xo 

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