365 Crafting Time Days 211 - 224

I really need to step up my crafting game. I went to the Finders Keepers Market on Saturday and seeing all the amazing things people make made me want to step out of my comfort zone with my crafting. Hopefully I can be brave enough to try some new things soon!
Finishing up my deer painting + May monthly pages
Finished! I love this one + a failed wrapping paper envelope
Weekly pages + this one was so boring at first because there was so much brown!
A letter for a pen pal + more brown! (and Mulder in the background haha)
I carved a cat stamp + FINALLY adding colour!

Finally adding colour! + I made cupcakes for my friends birthday

Boring pages because all my supplies are boxed up + seriously, so in love with this one now! The colours are gorgeous
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Take care!
Megan xo  

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