My Grandma - Dorothy Duncan

When I did my inspiration board post last month, I mentioned the photo of my Grandma that I have stuck on it. I have no idea when or where this photo was taken but I love it.

My Grandma passed away in 2006, so it was quite a while ago but I think about her every single day. I lived with her for the year leading up to her death. She had started falling over so she walked around with 2 walking sticks (I think she thought a walking frame was too old haha), and she always left these sticks all over the house and you'd trip over them. Every morning she would put the radio on and it's the first thing I heard when I woke up (that or her talking to the cat!).

She was in hospital for a while before she passed away, she'd had a stroke and couldn't speak. I remember I held her hand and she squeezed mine, and she had this look in her eye and you knew that she was completely aware of her surroundings. I'll never forget her eyes. The day she died is to this day one of the worst of my life. I was completely calm until I got to the hospital and my Dad asked if I wanted to see her. That exact moment is when it hit me and I realised it wasn't her anymore. 

Thankfully I have so many good memories of her, and the thing I remember most about her was her love of cats. My entire life she always had a least one cat and she gave them the best names. Mummy Fluffy, Baby Fluff, Tutti Fruiti, Tilly, Butch, and the cat she had when she died was called Heather (she went to live with my Grandmas sister). 

I know that my Grandma is partly responsible for my love (obsession) with cats, and the other part is from my Mum for sure, so this photo is one of my favourite possessions in the whole world. I look at it and I see myself - picking up a cat with one hand and patting another with the other hand, it's something I have done several times myself!

Megan xo

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