Washi Tape Organisation

I love washi tape. Did you know that? Did having a new washi tape in my Friday Fancies all the time not indicate that? Hmm. Well, I guess I better share photos of my whole collection just to further prove that I love it! Now, I really don't have THAT many rolls, considering I know people who have hundreds!
This is it! I bought these storage tubs from Daiso, and they fit them nicely and I can tuck more in along the sides too. Plenty of space to expand my collection haha. I have it organised into sections, so skinny tapes and animal tape on the left. Stripes and dots in the middle, miscellaneous ones on the right, and glittery tapes in the back.

On the side of the drawer I keep the washi samples that I've been sent. I love the Hooray one, and would love a whole roll of it for myself but can't find any! I also have playing cards for when I send samples to my pen pals.
And here's another angle. I use washi for so many things, and I love all of them. I'm going to do another post sharing my 5 favourites soon!
What's your favourite washi tape in your collection?
Megan xo

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