365 Crafting Time Days 197 -210

Only missed one day this fortnight! Yay!
Snail mail + a new paint by number
Made an envelope + wrapped up gifts and decorated a gift bag for my friend
New dividers for my TAFE folder + weekly planner pages
I made my own cat shaped stationery + more snail mail
Decorating a letter + decorating an envelope for my first ever letter to Hawaii!
I suck at making pom poms + weekly planner pages
I paint my other paint by number nearly every day but do other craft so I don't share it. However, since it's so big and the bits to paint are so small it was hurting my back and frustrating me, so I traded it for an easier one for the next few days!

Have you made anything good lately?
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Take care!
Megan xo   

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