Easter Show 2015

My friend and I went to the Easter Show when it was on. It's a yearly thing here in Australia. It goes for 2 weeks and it's an agricultural show, so there are thousands of animals, heaps of food, displays, show bags, arts and crafts, and so many things to buy. It was such a great day, even though it poured when we got there. We got completely soaked and had to buy plastic ponchos! Fortunately the rain eventually stopped and we got to see everything we wanted!
*more screaming*
*mouth is open but only dogs can hear the noise I am emitting*
So, each year they have a dog section and there are different dogs shown each day. We were there on the Golden Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Italian Greyhound day. The Italian Greyhounds were cute, but I am a sucker for big dogs. I love how goofy big dogs are (just look at Amos), so I was so excited to see two beautiful big breeds! 
Lil Sebastian
So pretty

Goats are hilarious to me
Tiny pompoms? NOPE! Tiny chicks! Eep!
We saw some hatching! I've never seen that before
Snazzy duck hair dos
Is this not the most disapproving goose you've ever seen?
"You should rethink your life choices"
The animals are the best at the show. They have this big petting area, they also have horse, sheep, pig, and cow competitions. Rabbits and cats as well, but they only show one of these a day, I'm assuming because rabbits are prey animals and they can't have cats near them or they might die of shock (not even joking, this can happen with little fluffies). It's so great seeing all the animals and smelling the farm-y smells - I love it. 
Ferris wheels are so pretty but they scare me
They have cake decorating competitions! This was my favourite
And of course, so much food! This was my extremely healthy lunch (hey, it has fruit on it!)

Bonus photos, me meeting a Golden Retriever! This guy was with one of my brothers colleagues and he told me to find her! Her husband let us meet the dog and I thought I was going to cry! He was so cute and I fell in love. It was such a great day! <3 <3 <3
Take care!
Megan xo 


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