Daily Instax March 26 - April 8

Wow! There are only 4 photos of cats this fortnight! What on earth happened to me?!
My little fat baby + another finished paint by number
Caught these two being silly on our bed + Violet wouldn't leave him alone when he cooked so he threatened to cook her haha. Look at her little legs and her little face "why he do this?". She loved the attention
My friend and I had a Walking Dead Marathon + colourful slide at the Easter Show
Macarons and tea + my showbags!
The dog bed EXPLODED! Amos could have died! Or so he led me to believe  + getting our termite infested wall fixed!
Easter! So much chocolate! + YES! Violet used the cat window seat! She got up there herself too!
Mini horses and alpaca at work + the wall is fixed! Yay! Now we can paint and get our floor replaced woo!
Take it easy!
Megan xo

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