Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hello! I am trying something new today and doing my first ever gift guide! Mother's Day is coming up, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful relationship with my Mum and I know not everyone is as lucky as I am. If you have someone to buy a Mother's Day gift for this year here are a few ideas...
  1. River Island hand bag - $73 - my Mum personally loves handbags!
  2. High tea at the Hotel Windsor - $69 - take your Mum and it's a gift for you too! Win-win!
  3. Six Scents Candle - $35 - highly recommend the honey rose scent
  4. kikki.K jewellery box - $30 - very pretty
  5. Ezibuy luxury robe - $60 - a bit cliche maybe, but cozy! 
Don't forget a card! 
  1. CocoPress on etsy - $6.50
  2. BettyTurbo on etsy - $5.25 (the BEST card)
  3. Hard To Find - $7.90
  4. Wit & Whistle - $4.50
What are you going to get for your Mum this year? Or is there another person in your life that you celebrate this day with?
Take care
Megan xo
(p.s this is my first ever go at making a collage too - any tips?)


  1. Absolutely need the Freddie Mercury card xD That is amazing.
    Pretty sure either a robe isn't cliche, or my mom is weird - because I remember trying to find one for her one year and it was a wild goose I made her come with me to pick it out - which always works, because then you end up spending time together, and moms love that kind of thing! :P

    1. OK good! I was worried heh. And I actually texted my Mum the other day asking her what she wants and she had no idea. Maybe I'll have to get her a robe, at least it will be better than that time my brother got her clothes pegs when we were kids haha