November Goals

Oh hey, it's November! How did that happen?! This month will hopefully be pretty exciting, but it's also going to be full on! I'm turning 30 (agh), starting a new job on top of running my business, selling the house, and starting to get ready to move to my new home, I have to be out of here by December 14! I better make a few goals so I have a clear idea of what needs to be done! 

  • Celebrate my birthday - I turn 30 on the 28th, and I need to figure out if I want to have a party at home or go out for dinner and drinks! 
  • Start packing - aggggghhhh. I hate moving, but it needs to be done and the sooner I start packing all of my junk up, the better! 
  • Keep seeing my therapist - this isn't something I've spoken about before but I see a psychologist and because so much has been happening lately I've been seeing him more. I need to make a good effort to talk to him 
  • Start reading again - I cannot read novels right now, I can't focus, so my friend suggested I read comics! They're colourful and quick! 
  • Spend time by myself, not just at home - go out and get a coffee, go to the library, have lunch out. Basically, date myself in a way!
The Latest Kate (her work is amazing btw!)
Do you have any goals for November?
Megan xo 

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